Why mothers should have their own “fantasy sports pool”

©Angela Waye 123RF.com

©Angela Waye 123RF.com

Life is busy when you have kids. There are lunches to prepare, temperatures to take, books to read, and bodies to bathe. And, on top of all the necessary daily tasks, there are extra-curricular activities. So much time. So many kilometers. And so many words of encouragement are invested to keep our kids active and well rounded. But, it’s all right – I think they’re worth it.

And then there are the husbands in our life who like to participate in a fantasy sports pool, or two. They also like to play in a league at least once a week. These activities aren’t his priority, but they are important to him.

Let’s take my husband as an example. For him, family is his priority. Below that is his work. And then below work, is hockey. To say that he loves hockey is an understatement and with his busy, stressful life, which we can all relate to – hockey is a good thing. It allows him time to socialize with friends, relax and get some exercise (although, I think the requisite post-game beer cancels out all the benefits of the hour-long game). So, for these reasons, unless there is something really important, he won’t miss a game. But, it’s all right – I think he’s worth it.

And us? What do we – mothers – do for ourselves? Unfortunately, unlike our guys we will make excuses, claim self-sacrifice or yield to the weather. “Well, there’s no time. I need to get home to cook and be with the kids.” “After work, I’m so tired.” “It’s raining.”

I know this because these are the excuses I use. And, I know it’s time to get moving….I can feel the fat collecting. Women (especially those who are busy raising a young family), need to make time for themselves. I think we all need to do something that is totally unrelated to our kids or our husbands. Something that is just for us – perhaps our own “fantasy hockey pool,” if you will. A fitness boot camp. A cake decorating class. Or simply, a run around the neighbourhood. It can be anything! Because it’s no longer all right to sacrifice your health or sanity. You may not realize it, but you are your kid’s priority. And, they think you are worth it.


  1. Agreed! I just started jogging/ walking! Of course at 5:30 am while the hubby and kids are asleep! Lol!!



  1. […] I can’t really say there’s no time. I recently thought I would sit to do some painting, but then I thought, “well, if I have time, I should fold the laundry”…or attempt to tackle the junk room…but that doesn’t happen…the painting doesn’t happen….and then I just end up watching TV. Perhaps I’m just a bit lazy. Or, a bit of a perfectionist and hesitant about starting something that won’t be perfect. Or, perhaps I lack the time management skills I so desperately need. And maybe I think it’s a bit of a luxury to sit and do something for myself, especially since there are kids running around looking for something to do (Read my second post: Why mothers should have their own fantasy sports pool). […]


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