“Diapers are expensive, eh?”

In spite of the frigid temperatures (a high of -16C) on Family Day (this past Monday), my diapersfamily and friends came out for a skate and to donate diapers to the Diaper Bank of Toronto.

A huge thank you to everyone who came out and contributed to the *2500 diapers* that we collected.

The organizers at the Diaper Bank were thrilled to receive so many, especially the large sizes that are desperately needed. Some of the diapers have already been delivered to a refugee house and others to a food bank.

My husband and I organized this event after an earlier post, My baby gets to eat and he gets clean diapers, too, in which I wrote about “diaper need” – how some people in the city are “struggl[ing] to provide babies and small children with clean diapers.” The overwhelmingly positive support and generosity from our friends and family indicate that…we get it…we understand.

After thanking one of our friends for his generous donation, he said, incredulously: “Diapers are expensive, eh?” He doesn’t have children. But, he gets it, too.



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