diaper changeI recently read the book “Do Cool Sh*t,” by Miki Agrawal, thinking it would give me some much-needed inspiration after being at home with the kids for almost five years. And, although it is a very good read – filled with practical business-start up tips and memorable anecdotes – I was left feeling old and unaccomplished.

In “Do Cool Sh*t” Agrawal said, “I wrote this book because I wish someone had told me earlier that this kind of life was possible…”

She started her first business, a farm-to-table pizza restaurant called WILD, at the age of 26.

What was I doing at 26? Uh…drinking way too much bubble tea.


After the birth of my second son and after the initial chaos of getting used to caring for an infant and preschooler subsided, I started to mentally prepare for all the things we “had” to do – school schedules, swimming lessons, mandarin classes. My older son was only 3, but as the “experts” say, you’ve gotta start them early, right? During this time, I started to feel a tinge of sadness, but I couldn’t pinpoint the reason. After this feeling persisted for a while, I realized that I was completely focused on fulfilling “their” dreams, even though I wasn’t finished fulfilling my own.

As I wrote in a past post, I bought a $100 clothes rack from the art store, from the moment I came home with my first baby, my thoughts and actions were consumed with caring for them – feeding, bellychanging diapers, bathing, sleeping. It took me, perhaps, longer than others to realize that I could let go…a little.


I’m now two years older…and a little wiser. And although I’m still working to fulfill my own goals (it’s never too late), every time I read with my little boy, I caress his soft, chubby belly and think, “I wish someone had told me earlier that this kind of life was possible.”