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We just got back from what has become our annual family camping trip to Algonquin Park and I’m realizing that camping really takes commitment. If you are planning a trip with a camping enthusiast, as my husband is, you have to be committed to going, even if:

  1. there is a thunderstorm;
  2. you are on your period;
  3. Avril Lavigne warns you about tick bites.

But I’m getting older and really the only things I’m willing to commit to are:

  1. my marriage
  2. my children
  3. finishing the chocolate cake in the fridge.

So worth it

© Stories by Christina

Truthfully, I do enjoy camping…well, parts of it. Like…I really love canoeing. Being on the calm, early morning water is pure serenity. I also like packing and getting the gear ready. Weird, eh? I think I get it from my grandmother; the need to be efficient and quick –  a benefit of camping with limited resources, but annoying to the laid-back, calm, nature-lovers I’m camping with. “Hey Ian…stop feeding the chipmunk.”

I also love seeing my children smiling and laughing, as they run through the forest. And, I like coming home and posting photos on Facebook. Most of all, I like “having gone camping.” And hey, you can’t tell me that the Huntsville McDonald’s doesn’t offer up the best tasting meal… YOU’VE EVER HAD.

So really, the only problem I have with camping is my OCD-like fear about bugs…on me, biting me or getting into the tent. This, however, has no bearing on whether we go camping or not. In a household with three outdoor lovers, I’m outnumbered. In any case, my husband’s plan and goal is to have the kids well-versed in the ways of the forest. And, as soon as they are into their early teens, I’m pretty sure I won’t be needed or even invited.

Until that day, however, I will have to tolerate a few daddy long leg spiders. But I will truly enjoy the occasional wonders that cross our path and make the minor discomfort totally worth it.

Hwy 60 in Algonquin Park © Hunter Berthelet