Amanda Todd’s story continues. In this chapter, compassion prevails.


Legacy Crew, The Podcast

Episode 2 – Amanda Todd’s story continues. In this chapter, compassion prevails.

Photo Source: Carol Todd

Description: Amanda Todd fought a two-year battle against an online predator and her online/school yard bullies. She died by suicide at the age of 15. To remember her daughter and to continue her fight, Carol Todd started the Amanda Todd Legacy Society to promote awareness of bullying, mental health and internet safety. Listen to how Amanda’s story continues and promises to change lives.

Length: 16:28

Sources: Intro/Closing Music licensed by SourceAudio LLC; songs performed by Amanda Todd (personal YouTube videos) permission granted by Carol Todd

*Parental guidance is recommended.*

Additional Resources:

Amanda Todd Legacy Society Website
Amanda’s YouTube Video (Edited Version)
Legacy Scarf Project 2019

Next Episode: Monday, April 22, 2019
Joe Roberts, SkidRow CEO

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  1. Traci Chua says:

    Such an important story that needs to be told and reminded. Thanks so much for sharing! Planting seeds of kindness and compassion, and having an open, non-judgmental dialogue with your kids from a young age is so important.


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