Our everyday actions and our everyday choices have the potential to create extraordinary legacies. In this episode, you’ll hear from Patrick Lee. To you, he’s just an everyday guy. To me, he is my inspiration.

He is the reason I live in Canada. He is the reason I boil bone broth regularly. He is the reason I write. He is my father.

As a young boy, my dad used to jump from roof top to roof top, “just to increase my bravery.” His characteristically optimistic and romantic nature, had him writing poetry under the stars, as well as making hand grenades from the firecrackers and thunderbolts that were sold in his parents’ shop. And when he was older and tragedy struck, he managed to find the courage to take another leap forward.

Photo Source: Patrick Lee

Legacy Crew, The Podcast
Episode 4 – A Leap of Faith: Inspiration for this Podcast
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