A Leap of Faith: Inspiration for this Podcast

Our everyday actions and our everyday choices have the potential to create extraordinary legacies. In this episode, you’ll hear from Patrick Lee. To you, he’s just an everyday guy. To me, he is my inspiration.

He is the reason I live in Canada. He is the reason I boil bone broth regularly. He is the reason I write. He is my father.

As a young boy, my dad used to jump from roof top to roof top, “just to increase my bravery.” His characteristically optimistic and romantic nature, had him writing poetry under the stars, as well as making hand grenades from the firecrackers and thunderbolts that were sold in his parents’ shop. And when he was older and tragedy struck, he managed to find the courage to take another leap forward.

Photo Source: Patrick Lee

Legacy Crew, The Podcast
Episode 4 – A Leap of Faith: Inspiration for this Podcast
Length: 11:16
Sources: Intro/Closing/Mood music licensed by SourceAudio LLC



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Monday, June 3, 2019


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  1. Denise. says:

    Well done, Christina. Very insightful and well written.


  2. Great job Christina. I loved hearing about your father. He sounds like a wonderful man.


  3. Georgia says:

    Thanks Christina. This podcast made me reflect on my youthful adventures some of which are similar to your dad’s, like me climbing the mango tree at school and also my second wedding in October.


  4. Audrey Lue says:

    I picked up your podcast on Monday and repeated it twice. I also went back to the previous episodes. Good job!. The subjects reflect the thoughtfulness of the author.
    I believe you have inherited the literary talents of your grandfather and father. We proud of you


  5. Love it, Christina. Your strong storytelling skill, plus your beautiful voice and your dad’s personality — all shine through. Congrats.


  6. angie che says:

    Congrats! This was an amazing tribute to your dad. I enjoy listening to him whenever he speaks, i enjoy his amazing talent of publishing the Tsung Tsin magazines. After listening to your podcast, I understand more of who he is and what he stands for. Thanks for making this platform available for our Chinese Hakka Jamaican men. There is so much to learn about them.


  7. Oh Tina, My mom forwarded me your page. Diving deep in reflection and understanding the beautiful people around you. I am crying in Hong Kong, but nice tears. Wonderful delivery. Like your voice and music selections. Very well done!!!


  8. Lorlowe says:

    Tina, a wonderful podcast and a fitting tribute to your father for Father’s Day. His personality and goodness shines through you as you tell your story. I can see how much of him rubbed off on you to be that caring, deep, thoughtful person.


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