Everyone has a story to tell, right? So, what kinds of stories do you like to tell?

In the past few years, I’ve realized how susceptible I am to getting sucked into stories that neither feed my mind, nor my soul. From series shows on Netflix to media reports of mass shootings, to my next door neighbour’s complaints about his in-laws, there are so many stories that simply drain me of emotional strength.

Still, I am not free from guilt. I too, tell “negative-type” stories. I tell a lot of “fear” stories to my kids – warning them about the dangers all around. I also edit stories – taking out the facts – depending on the audience. Of course, this isn’t necessarily wrong, if I am omitting details that aren’t appropriate for my young children. But when is it wrong to edit out the facts? And when do we say “stop” to all the negativity we let into our personal conversations, our personal thoughts and ultimately, into the creation of our own daily life stories?

This episode’s format is a little different from the others. There is no featured “guest.” But I do have some stories to tell you. So, lean in.

Prehistoric rock paintings of Tassili N Ajjer, Algeria [©Dmitry Pichugin / 123RF Stock Photo]


Legacy Crew, The Podcast
Episode 8 – Ghost stories and other tales we tell
Length: 9:37
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