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On average, it takes about 30 minutes for Christina to press the Publish button. It’s not that she’s been living under a rock and doesn’t know what to do. It’s just that pressing the button is so final. She’s just a bit nervous.

As a child of the 80’s, Christina longs for the simple, slower days when our actions weren’t so permanent. And even though the tape cassette/record players and the Vic-20 weren’t as efficient as today’s ipods and ipads, our lives were calmer. She’s often thought it would be pretty cool if our lives were like tape cassette players and you could relive the great moments in your life: Forward. Stop. Reverse. Stop. Play – “My first kiss.” Forward. Stop. Reverse. Play – “My first job.”….

In 1994 Christina wrote her first email to her cousin in California. She was excited about this new thing called the Internet. In 1997, she graduated from journalism school, having pursued the print (newspaper) stream. How quickly things change!

Before the internet, it took effort to get one’s message out – a letter to the editor or a local politician. Now, if someone has something to say, simply start a blog. Tweet out a rant. Record a video and upload to YouTube. So simple. So powerful…because people listen, whether you are rich or poor.

Christina is so impressed and yet so intimidated by the confidence that many of the younger generations – the “millennials” or the more recent, “generation z” – exhibit. They have no fear…They have confidence in who they are and what they have to say. And they really don’t seem to have the “I care what people think” syndrome, exhibited by many generation x’ers.

17 years after graduating university, Christina’s married with children and starting to write again. She knows the power of words. And, she “uses her words” (a familiar phrase by parents of toddlers) to share life stories and for freelance writing jobs.

Check back with Christina. She’s one of those nervous, quirky-type people who always has a good story about the trials of parenting two young boys or being married to a hockey lover, who would undoubtedly choose a “skate date” with Wayne Gretzky over a romantic dinner with her.

“Stop the presses!” He’s not going to like that last line.

Christina is available to do freelance writing jobs – marketing material, website content, blogs, business plans, etc. Please contact her at writtenbychristina [at] gmail.com for details on portfolio, rates, etc.