Go “Zero Waste” – Discover a life rich with experiences, not stuff

I’ve started taking “baby steps” in my journey toward a Zero-Waste Lifestyle; shopping at the local Bulk store, with my reusable containers and bags in hand and using a bamboo toothbrush. These are small steps, but according to Bea Johnson, author of Zero Waste Home, “any change is a step in the right direction….and, all […]

An MVP in his own community

Ed Wahl is the kind of person you would want on your team. He’s a dedicated worker and a leader, who emphasizes the whole, rather than his individual self. So, I’m glad he’s on this spaceship, we call earth. Someone once said, “Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a […]

Huddle Up!

In desperate, unpleasant or unsatisfactory situations, people might be forced to identify their options and then take action. For example, due to economic reasons, my grandfather left his home in China, in 1930, to start a new life in Jamaica. He was fortunate to have options. And later, for a variety of reasons – social, […]

A Leap of Faith: Inspiration for this Podcast

Our everyday actions and our everyday choices have the potential to create extraordinary legacies. In this episode, you’ll hear from Patrick Lee. To you, he’s just an everyday guy. To me, he is my inspiration. He is the reason I live in Canada. He is the reason I boil bone broth regularly. He is the […]

From Skid Row to CEO: The power of a possibility mindset

*NOW AVAILABLE ON iTunes* Legacy Crew, The Podcast Episode 3 – From Skid Row to CEO: The power of a possibility mindset   Photo Source: Joe Roberts Description: In 1989, Joe Roberts was homeless, living on the streets of downtown Vancouver and dealing with mental health challenges. He pushed a shopping cart around, collecting cans […]

Want a happy life? It’s as easy as do-re-mi!

Legacy Crew, The Podcast Episode 1 – Want a happy life? It’s as easy as do-re-mi! Description: 92-year-old Doreen Hutt can no longer play the piano because her knuckles have collapsed. It frustrates her, but it hasn’t stopped her from teaching several group classes every week. She has an unbreakable spirit that keeps her going […]