Work With Me

Although I like to think of myself as a superwoman, let’s be honest…I can’t do it all myself. My father always told me, “no man is an island.” I proved this sentiment correct when I started a small publishing business 10 years ago. As I was CEO, writer, sales rep and janitor – the “ultimate dragon,” a nod to the name of the wedding planner/directory I published  – it didn’t take long for an inexperienced businesswoman, like myself, to burn out.

Fortunately, I learned the virtues of collaboration and delegation – knowing when to do something yourself and when it is better handled by someone else. And, that’s why I’m here – as your personal writer, researcher and creative adviser.

If you need:

  • content for your website
  • a business plan for your great new idea
  • to redesign and rewrite your marketing material
  • or any type of writing project, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Click here to check out some of my clients. Over the past five years I have collaborated with these businesses on a variety of different freelance writing projects, including business plans, proposals, website content, blogs and sales kits. To view a more complete list of my services, please click here.
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